Whether you use our mediation services or not, if you and your spouse can agree on the terms of your divorce you will be able to obtain an uncontested divorce. Once you retain our firm, we will discuss all the terms of your divorce with you and prepare all the documents. After your spouse reviews and signs the papers, we will submit them to court. Depending on the county in which you file, it may take anywhere from three to ten months to obtain your final divorce decree, called the Judgment of Divorce, signed by the judge.

In July of 2011, New York State passed a law that allowed couples to obtain a divorce without having to prove any grounds like adultery or abandonment. The introduction of "No-Fault" divorce in our state allows couples to get divorced without making any one party at fault. This law makes getting divorced easier, cheaper and less time-consuming.

BEWARE!! Not all uncontested divorces are created equal. If you are thinking of using an attorney or a paralegal service to draw up your documents, you may be surprised to learn that the price may not include a "Stipulation of Settlement," an important document that outlines all the terms of the divorce. Without this document, your spouse may be able to "re-open" the divorce if there is a term that he or she doesn’t agree with and is missing. All uncontested divorces prepared by our firm contain this important document so you can rest assured that although we may not be the cheapest, the divorces we obtain are always final.